did you know...

  • Pre-Covid, adults spent on average 11 hours online
  • The typical professional sends and receives 122 emails daily
  • On average workers get interrupted every 11 minutes, and it will take them 25 minutes to regain focus
  • When work is interrupted, employees report higher levels of stress, frustration, and effort needed to complete a task 
  • Too much screen time (> 6 hours a day) can lead to anxiety and depression

Unplug Revolution can help you make an impact and advocate for a mentally fit workplace by providing: 

Do you want to inspire your team to take a break from technology? Let us support you and your team with our 1 hour inspiration session. We will present relevant data (for the non-believers) 😊, motivate your team to look at their online behavior and give them practical tips & tools to unplug and boost their well-being.

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