Today’s world of limitless connectivity offers incredible opportunities to explore, learn, and grow.

It also exposes us to many potentially unfulfilling distractions, (and of course, regrettable impulse buys).

With the new normal being on 24/7 and FOMO, how can we reclaim our days and spend less time distracted and more time rediscovering ourselves?

At Unplug Revolution, we’re curious to find out.


We are a Bay Area company on a big mission to help you create more time for you

We might not have all the answers, but... We. Are. Committed.

Knowing we need to unplug is the easy part. Prioritizing it and repeating it – that is another story. (and that’s where we come in)

Let us help you carve out time.

Join the revolution and we’ll provide the tools, tips and activities you need in inspiring packages.

All you do? Open them! Dig in. Experiment. Reflect. Share.

Oh – and laugh a little. At yourself, not at us. 😉 Most importantly, just give yourself permission to unplug...

Chances are, whatever you discover has been waiting for you. 


In the Summer of 2016 I moved from The Netherlands to California with my family. This has been such a great experience for us as all. We’ve learned so much on this journey together. I am forever grateful for that! 

After getting the family settled in California, I was looking forward to having more time on my hands. Time to reflect and rediscover myself!

After awhile, I noticed that I was feeling stuck. I was restless all the time...feeling busy but not actually doing much that inspired and energized me. I was spending a lot of time staying ‘connected’ with my life in Holland (online), reading (online), and searching for the new me (online), and I realized that I was distracted from actually living my new life. I was not living in the present moment, and I really missed the face-to-face connection. 

I always had this dream of ‘inspiring people to live their best life’, but how was I gonna do that when I wasn't living mine?!

Allowing myself to slow down, take breaks (from technology) and spend time connecting to myself was life-changing for me: I began to see more clearly and new ideas just came to me. I found that I am only able to connect & give my positive energy to others, if I focus on being present and spending my time on things that inspire & energize me. It's like a circle: you attract the energy you give off. And so my new life mission was born: 'I inspire people to take a break (unplug) and recharge, so that we grow a deeper connection to ourselves and others.

Unplug Revolution is that for me: it is about inspiring people to grow and truly connect with themselves and others around them.  

In a 24/7 connected world, the pace is fast and the expectations are high. It is time to bring things back down to reality. We need to slow the %&$@ down and permit ourselves to take a break. Let’s be inspired, slow down, be present, focus, get truly connected, and see what it brings us… you in?!



Call me sentimental, but I am truly inspired by human connection. Friends, family, colleagues, strangers… it doesn’t really matter who! I SO appreciate sharing moments of kindness, compassion, or just a laugh or sincere smile with anyone in my path. 

That seems easy enough, right? If you’re me...not so much. The reality is that I tend to get lost in ‘busy-ness’. As a working mom of three young boys, I’m just trying to keep my head above water most days. 😉 Endless to-do’s, when left unattended, prevent me from staying grounded in what I value most: being connected to myself and others.

I know it’s ironic to be surrounded by people everyday, yet not feel connected. It’s hard to ignore the impact of what I believe is the overuse of devices. I get that text messages, news updates, and emails are a convenient way to send and receive info, but for me, they often just add to the ‘noise’. And don’t get me started on the energy and time suck of social media! I know, everyone needs a deep dive into Insta or Twitter here and there, including me, but more and more I find myself just wanting to shut it all down.  

When Moniek approached me about starting Unplug Revolution with her, I was so excited to help create something that would support people just like me, who really want to unplug and reconnect with what matters most. 

Let’s give ourselves permission to unplug more often. Permission to engage in activities that are actually filling our cup, not just taking from it.

No more excuses. You deserve it. The people around you deserve it. 

I hope you join us on this journey, and it will be so fun to support each other along the way!