Today’s world of limitless connectivity offers incredible opportunities to explore, learn, and grow.

It also exposes us to many potentially unfulfilling distractions, (and of course, regrettable impulse buys).

With the new normal being on 24/7 and FOMO, how can we reclaim our days and spend less time distracted and more time rediscovering ourselves?

At Unplug Revolution, we’re curious to find out.


We are a Bay Area company on a big mission to help you create more time for you

We might not have all the answers, but... We. Are. Committed.

Knowing we need to unplug is the easy part. Prioritizing it and repeating it – that is another story. (and that’s where we come in)

Let us help you carve out time.

Join the revolution and we’ll provide the tools, tips and activities you need in inspiring packages.

All you do? Open them! Dig in. Experiment. Reflect. Share.

Oh – and laugh a little. At yourself, not at us. 😉 Most importantly, just give yourself permission to unplug...

Chances are, whatever you discover has been waiting for you.