It is important to review our terms carefully and make sure you understand our policy regarding any membership you may purchase, including renewal and cancellation terms. All the memberships automatically renew unless you cancel.

Unplug Revolution offers two memberships:

  • Unplug Deal: Toolkit + 2 months
  • Monthly Subscription

By purchasing a membership, you agree to the terms below, as well as our Terms of Use & Sale.


  • Unplug Deal. This deal consists of the Unplug Toolkit and 2 additional monthly envelopes sent out each month thereafter. The Unplug toolkit is a gift box, which can be used as an organizer, and it contains 5 print activities, and gifts. Each monthly envelope contains 5 new print activities.
  • Monthly Subscription. This is our regular monthly subscription, which consists of 5 print activities each month.  

Both memberships will automatically renew unless you cancel.


If you sign up for the Unplug Deal, you will be immediately billed $79 (plus shipping and taxes) for the Toolkit and the 2 months thereafter. Your order will be non-refundable. After the Unplug Deal, your contract will automatically renew and you will be charged a monthly price of $19 (plus shipping and taxes) on the 20th each month, unless you cancel in accordance with these Membership Terms (section 3. Cancellation). 

If you sign up for the Regular Monthly Subscription you will be billed $19 (plus shipping and taxes) on the 20th until your membership ends. 


You may cancel your membership with us at anytime. When you have signed up for a subscription deal, you are committed to pay the total amount of months of that specific deal. All memberships will be automatically renewed to a monthly membership, which is cancellable on a monthly basis.

For cancelling your membership with us, please email us at, or go to our website and log into your account.

Cancellations must be effected prior to the billing date of the membership renewal. Practically this means you must cancel before the billing date for the next month. Cancellation does not mean you get a refund for already received boxes or envelopes, nor does it stop a pending charge, nor does it cancel the commitment you have given to one of our membership deals. Your cancellation will go into effect for the following billing cycle.
There are no cancellation fees.


Gifts /products ordered from our online webshop are shipped within 3 business days when successfully billed, and based on availability. Prices (plus shipping and taxes) are billed immediately. 


The prices for membership (deals) and gifts do not include shipping and taxes. You are responsible for paying taxes. We have the right to charge you for any taxes that we believe we are required to pay or collect related to your purchase. We currently only offer services and goods inside the US. Shipping is only possible in the US.

Our shipping costs are flat rate and vary per item:

  • Toolkit will ship for $4.95 per item.
  • Monthly Subscription will ship for $2.95 per month.
  • Thank You Postcards and Door Signs will ship for $2.95 per order. Maximum order quantity is 25, please contact us for orders > 25.
  • Unplug Deal will ship for $9.95 in total (32 shipments).

We also offer the possibility to pick up your order in Los Gatos, California.


We currently ship only to the United States. Boxes and gifts are shipped via Fedex and the US Postal Service. Every month, as soon as your box or envelope is sent you’ll receive a confirmation email.


As stated in our Privacy Policy, we may transfer your billing information to third-party payment processors, certain service providers, and other trusted third parties.


For more questions, please feel free to reach us at:

Unplug Revolution LLC